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Tropical vibes - 8 blooms you cannot leave  behind.

Tropical vibes - 8 blooms you cannot leave behind.

who can just walk by a miniature pineapple without literally melting?……

Well apparently not me!

Here is the list of my 8 must have tropical blooms.


1- Miniature Pineapples

I don’t really have much to say about these beside they are so adorable they would make anyone swoon.

I adore them in mix tropical arrangements and in an arrangement all by themselves , they can literally bring the sunshine to a room.


2- Pin Cushion Proteas

These are also so fun and texturally so satisfying they can bring and design to life. I have used them in daily designs and in wedding designs, they are so versatile especially in such a tropical heaven as San Diego.

Pincushion Mix.jpeg

3 - Anthuriums

These are just breathtaking. They come in such an array of sizes and colors although i am biased to the smaller ones as they lend themselves better to compact european designs.

You can always find the peach and white ones in my studio….and often times in my hand tied bouquets.

4- Song Of India tropical foliage ( Draecaena Reflexa)

These are great to add both volume and height to your designs not to mention they last well more two weeks!

Song of india copy.jpg2.jpg

5- Costus Ginger

Also called Indian Head Ginger this is a tubular bloom that grows on a medium size shrub. Native to South America costus flourishes in Hawaii. The unusual blooming style opens lip like petals from the top of the flower.

Red tower ginger have a more open set of red bracts from which a small yellow flower emerges.


6- Aspidistra Leaves

These are a must have. They are great for wrapping around any glass containers to hide stem works and they are great for folding into the design itself. They are available in green and variegated.


7- Bananas

Yes you heard me correctly.

These are fun, exoitc and just whimsical enough to bring on a few extra smiles ;)


8 - Celosia Coxcomb

these are always a show stopper! They resemble a brain and they are sure to stand out in any designs.

They are available in so many shades to perfectly fit any creative needs you might have.

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